You might be surprised to learn that and nearly 80 percent shut the doors permanently before their fifth anniversary.

It's a shocking trend and almost always the main reason is the location of the restaurant in question.

Yes, it can be a saturated market and yes the competition is fierce but ultimately it's down to thos ethree magic words your estate agent will be so fond of using "Location, location, location".

What You Can Do

Quite often we come across clients who serve what in our opinions is the best food we've come across for that particular cuisine or location (yes, it's a hard job but we do try and visit our clients and dine there when we can). The reviews speak columes and all they REALL need is to be found.

Be Found Online, Be Found In Real Time

One of the things we specialise in is helping restaurants be found. You know, those little out of the way places that serve great home made tapas or that fish restaurant that serves freshly caught Calamari. Well we work with them to ensure they get the traffic they deserve.

By working closely with our clients, monitoring their traffic and advising them on how to get the most out of search and social we see their business increase.

"To be found" is the #1 response from the restaurateurs we speak to. Most restaurant owners simply want to be found. They have their regulare clientele, diners who return week after week or month after month. In many cases these returning diners make up around 75% of their business.

But what about those that are hungry and looking...?

If you're looking for a captive audience and like posting pictures of cats then there's no doubt that Facebook is more than likely where you'll end up. However, let's not forget that the vast majority (around 71%) of searches for anything are executed by Google. On mobile this increases to over 90%. Add to that the fact that around 20% of searches are voice searches and you can see how important Google is for local businesses.

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