Why Do You Want a Website For Your Restaurant?

"To be found" is the #1 response from the restaurateurs we speak to. Most restaurant owners simply want to be found. They have their regulare clientele, diners who return week after week or month after month. In many cases these returning diners make up around 75% of their business.

But what about those that are hungry and looking...?

In a recent article we published entitled "Why Restaurants NEED a Website " we posit a simple question: "Where do people look?" (To save you reading it isn't Facebook).

So clearly people look, they're actually very keen to find somewhere to eat and with Google, reviews websites and the like it's no mean feat to find somewhere to eat but being at the top of those search results is becoming more and more difficult.

Being Found is Key

If you can't be found then you may as well just expect diners to stuble into your restaurant. I know this may sound harsh but it's true. We work predominantly in the tourism restaurant sector and believe me when I say to you that every month we see restaurants go out of business who rely on this haphazard to attracting diners.

Generally speaking, as outlined in our previous article, diners will make a decision on where to eat around 1 hour before they leave their hotel or home. This is your opportunity to be found.

Use a Local Guide

Search for a local guide in your area. Just search Google for "Google Local Guide" + "Your Area" (and use the inverted commas to get more accurate results). You can add your business for free but a Local guide may well be a web designer too (like us) so they can get your listing into the Google Knowledge Graph and optimised for search at the same time.

Is Google Local Important for Search?

We think so. And we think you might already know this. However, "Local" drives around 60% of searches. After-all, who searches to dine in a city 100 miles away? (OK, you may be visiting there tomorrow).

Getting The Diners' Attention

The point is this and it's very simple: You need to get their eyeballs looking at you and what you do. The food you make and the experience you provide and the one place you can do that effectively is through your own website.

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