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If you're one of the hundreds of people who look for "Restaurant Web Design" each month then sit back and relax.

The long days and 7 day weeks running your own restaurant can take their toll. You’re busy, you already have too many things to do, and the last thing you need is “create a website” on your “To Do” list! But you know you need one, because the restaurant down the street is busy, when your restaurant isn’t full.

For that reason I'll be as brief as possible so that you know what you actually need to create an effective online marketing strategy that brings diners to you. What’s more, all the information here is free so sit back and grab a glass of your favourite tipple while you read.

I'm a small business owner myself, I too have experienced the frustrations of finding new customers. Especially in a tourism driven market like Tenerife. It’s not easy and I know. The juggle of finding new customers (in an affordable way), and keeping your customers happy at the same time as dealing with the million and one demands of running of your business.

You're only as good as your last meal

Ring any bells...?

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Creating a website alone does not solve the problem of finding new customers though, there is much more involved in creating an online marketing strategy, and that's where we can help.

What we provide is an all in one solution that fits your needs and is easy to maintain. We also work with you so that little by little you take control of your online presence and marketing.

Having a marketing strategy which brings you new customers means that the last meal your customer enjoyed with you will be the one they share on social media, the meal you served will be the one they share on instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Trip Advisor. If you don’t have an effective marketing strategy, if you’re lucky they’ll tell the next person they meet. We can help you reach thousands of prospective new customers every week, easily.

Investing in online marketing is the difference between the last great meal you served being talked about to hundreds of people, or just a handful.

John & Erika

Turn your customers into raving fans who do your marketing for you from their own social media accounts. And, if someone isn’t happy with their meal, we can show you effective ways to manage negative online reviews which bring you even more customers !

We can provide you with an online marketing strategy which covers:

  • Building an attractive website
  • Being found in Google
  • Being found and talked about on social media
  • Having excellent reviews on reviews websites
  • An ongoing online campaign connecting with customers who want to eat your next good meal

Can you afford not to have these? How much longer can your restaurant survive without bringing in a regular supply of new customers?

Unlike other web developers, we understand restaurant owners, and what you really need to bring in diners who love your food. We also work closely with all our clients to ensure their business grows and thrives.

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We know that managing the costs of a restaurant is vital in managing your business, and we can provide a selection of packages which suit different budgets.

We break down the full list of what you need, but you decide how much you want to invest, we advise you which elements to invest in first to get the results you need, so you can afford to implement the next elements of an effective online marketing strategy.

In short: We deliver what you need to bring the customers to your tables, at a price you can afford.

Some Samples Of What You Can Expect...

Our modular pricing structure puts you in control of the final cost !

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