We've been designing websites since 1995 so you can imagine we've come across most types of businesses and the ones we really like to work with are restaurants. We, like you, like food. In-fact we would go so far as to say that food is what drives us.

There's also so many possibilities when working with a restaurant, bar or cafe. We can help with Google local searches (as we're a Google Local Guide), Google Local Business and with reviews websites too.

What we do in effect is open up your doors to a whole new audience by creating a website that engages your audiience and converts them into paying diners time after time.

You focus on what you do best: Serving great food !

Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Analytics and Search console does 2 basic things for you: It shows you where you rank in search and how people are finding you.

In addition, Analytics will also show you which pages people view, where they are from, what languages they speak and most importantly we think: What they like !

SERPs Tracking

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) Tracking is very simply a method of finding out where you rank in search for a specific search term.

For example, where you rank for "Steak Restaurants in Torronto" or "Fish Restaurants in Los Cristianos". However, what SERPs tracking also does is tell you where your competitors rank !

We use this to create very specific content that ranks and we place that content in a blog. It works well for us and we think it will work well for you also.


Given that most restaurants cater to people of different languages this is a basic requirement that we include in our Titanium and Platinum packages.

There's two basic options:

Google Translate

By far the quicker and simpler option but by no means perfect. However, if you want a website available quickly in multiple languages this is the option we would recommend.

Manual Translations

This takes longer and means you have to provide content for everything, even navigation, in the target language(s). It can be very time consuming however it means that you have a website that is available in multiple languages and ranks in search for those languages.

A good example of this would be a fish restaurant website that is made available in English and Spanish. We could in theory optimise in English for "Fish Restaurant Manchester" and also have a seperate page optimised for "Restaurante de Pescado" in Spanish.

Email Marketing

One of the other features available is Email Marketing as we can provide you with a newsletter system that allows you to capture the name and email addresses of users so that you can mail them out any offers or specials you have available.

Google Local

For us, this should be top of your priority list. What do 80% of the world do when they search? Which search engine do they use?

This is why we focus almost exclusively on Google search, Google Local and creating Google Local Business pages. It helps you get discovered in search.

Social Media

Social Media covers a whole multitude of sins such as SMO (Social Media Optimisation), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and these require the attention of someone who's familiar with these platforms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter so the various accounts can be optimised within the guidelines of the platform in question.

Given that around 30-50% of your website traffic will come from these platforms we'd always like to include this as part of a package. However, many clients already have these platforms and know how to use them so our role in these cases is more supportive and consultative.

Support and Maintenance

Although direct support is not included as part our packages we do provide ongoing mail support which for the vast majority of our clients is more than sufficient.

If required, we do have retainer packages available should they be required but once you have updated a page or two yourself and edited menu items a few times using our video tutorials the majority of our clients are more than happy to continue managing the website themselves.

Our intention is that you, if you have the time, manage your own website as it's yours not ours. This way you have complete control of the content and the audience.

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