How It Works

Our restaurant platform has the ability to completely manage all your reservations, right through to order taking and what's even better, you decide which modules to use.

Landing Page

For example, you could choose to simply have a landing page website for your business with just one page to tell people about your restaurant and how to find you. If they would like to make a reservation they simply contact you via mail, telephone or WhatsApp (whichever you prefer).

Google Maps Listing

A Google My Business (or Google Local) listing is a Google Maps listing to help people find where you are easily.

It's much more than a simple map link though. It helps people find you, allows you to post current offers and deals, creates blog posts based on your content and of-course allows customers to leave reviews.

Google is the tool people use to find what they are looking for so naturally having a Google Maps listing will help your business be found.

Reservations System

Our platform comes with a reservations system inbuilt and it can be managed a number of ways. For example, the system can take a reservation and pass it to you via email. You then simply click a link in the email to accept or reject the reservation.

It can easily take and also manage the reservation for you allocating rooms, tables and accepting reservation where availability is found.

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You can also have an online menu system allowing users to browse what's available before they book and enticing them to make a reservation.

Many restaurants now have the ability to showcase their menu online and so should you too. It helps customers choose what they'd like to eat, select their meal and with our system they can even pre-order their food prior to arriving which makes inventory management far easier too.

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The customers can also pre-order their food if you like making inventory managament easier and managing your kitchen.


You can also use the menu to take delivery orders should you like to.

Take Away

The system can also be used for take away or even home delivery taking payments and confirming orders before anything is even cooked.

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